Be Bold,
Be Brave,
Be Benevolent

Obtain deep leadership and technical excellence in the cross-functional areas of
Data (AI, Quantum),
Biology (Synthetic, Pharma),
and Space (Commercial, Defense) endeavors that are transforming the world

LeadDoAdapt Ventures, Inc.


LeadDoAdapt Ventures serves as a trusted guide for leading organizations seeking to perform a sustainable transformation, accomplish a major turnaround, or scale new markets to thrive and scale effectively amid global data and tech turbulence.

On this page you can watch some of our videos, read some of our notable features as client testimonials, and click a link to email us for more information. We’re here to help your organization be bold, brave, and benevolent for the future ahead.

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Client Testimonials

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with LDA Ventures on a recent project. In his role as subject matter expert (SME), David was responsive, easy to work with, and professional. He is extraordinarily adept at "translating" highly technical matters for the business community, and brings both a wealth of knowledge and key contacts that added value to our work.
Kristen Laughlin, Founder & CEO of Avion Consulting Group | Global Business Development & Capital Markets Executive
Bright, articulate, and action-oriented. Best of all, he always does the right thing, the right way. I highly recommend!
Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection at - IoT CTO, responsible for incubating and launching IoT customers
Singularly stellar in globally exceptional superb execution, outstanding creativity, trusted relationships, top tier 360 degree talent, value delivery across all domains.
Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman REDDS Capital, Microsoft 19 Global Awards with 2018-2022 MVP in AI, Investor/Venture Capitalist, Futurist, Founder Chair Outreach UN ITU AI for good Global Summit
We approached David for advice on forming The Knowledge Pledge, a new NGO. His contributions on topics including technology, social impact, partnerships, and governance were constructive and beneficial. We are lucky to have David serve on our Advisory Council.
Alain Chetrit, Executive Chairman at The Knowledge Pledge
David and his partners are exceptional. He greatly helped me look at a market landscape differently and shaped our successful market entry...facilitated me to the right people an necessary programs for early success. Thank you David!
Jeff Frazier, VP, Head of Global Public Sector at Snowflake
Innovative, thoughtful, and inspiring. Unique combination of technical expertise, policy experience, and deep commitment to meaningful and positive impact. Whether it be advising the most senior levels of government and the private sector or inspiring the next generation of changemakers - David meets clients where they are at with clear, critical guidance and action insights.
Krista Pawley, Wavemaker, Tri-Sector Leader and Connector - Focused on Digital Transformation, Innovation, Inclusion, Learning and Impact

Deep Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Technical Excellence